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Helmet Rock, Sleeping Lion Rock or Elephant Rock, Dragon’s Head Rock, Oldman Rock / Lanyu

Helmet Rock, Sleeping Lion Rock or Elephant Rock, Dragon’s Head Rock, Oldman Rock/ Lanyu/ Orchid Island/ Taiwan/ Formosan aboriginal culture village/ Formosan
Helmet Rock.jpg
Helmet Rock.jpg
Chinese: 鋼盔岩, 睡獅岩, 象鼻岩, 獅頭岩, 老人岩
Services for non-Chinese speakers: None
Phone: +886-89-732001(Lanyu township office)
Call out for help: +886-89-732167, 732560, 732975, 732011 (Police Station)
Opening Hour: 24 hours
Admission: Free
Official site: http://lanyu.taitung.gov.tw/
1. Be prepared with a good pair of shoes for curious adventurers going down to rugged beaches.
2. Do not visit when it is raining
3. Do not leave anything but your steps.

Brief Introduction:
Sleeping Lion, I guess
Sleeping Lion, I guess
Millions of years ago, undersea volcanoes continuously erupted, forming major layers and mountains of Lanyu—hornblende andesite porphyry and basaltic agglomerate. As plates of Lanyu rose gradually, coral reefs have changed into coral rocks encircling coastlines of Lanyu, little streams have rushed down from mountains with soft soil, various rocks have been reformed by strong monsoon, waves, rains and sunlight. The nature does have enjoyment in remodeling Lanyu days by days, shaping intriguing landscapes people marveling at. Among them, the most interesting and accessible artworks are series of weird rock formations scattering on rugged beaches and a ride around island will reward casual riders with impressive adventures.

A lion, a dragon and an elephant have peace in southern Lanyu while in rocks. Elephant trunk is an excellent display of transformation of volcanic rocks. The Dragon’s Head with beautiful outline is attractive spot at dust. Just imagine during red sunset the sun goes down right on the mouth of Dragon. Besides, the coastline is pretty and pleasing. At night, the flat beach of coral rocks become classes of intertidal zones where locals catch fishery like crabs, shrimps, and fishes as well.

The trunk of Elephant.jpg
The trunk of Elephant.jpg
It is numerous ants that moved Helmet Rock to its location, said through generations in doubtful tone. And the golden dragon might suddenly show and fly to splendid sky during red sunset.
More than rocks:
Coastlines of Orchid Island are majorly coral rocky beaches with small scales of sandy beaches. Go down to each beach to explore and find your own paradise. It may be a crab hidden in rocks, tiny ecosystem in intertidal zone, unknown but pretty flowers, casual fishermen to chat with, or wonderful sea where local children jumped into. Enjoy and experience leisure in Lanyu.
photo the moment.jpg
photo the moment.jpg
There are two main roads on Lanyu—one is 37km-long road encircling whole island and the other is traverse road, 5.7km long, paving between Mt. Hongtou and Mt. Dasen and connecting Ivalino village and Hongtou village. Go to the southern part of 37km-long road. From the north to the south lies Helmet Rock, Sleeping Lion Rock or Elephant Rock, Dragon’s Head Rock, Oldman Rock in follows.

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