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Ershui Biking Trail

Ershui Biking Trail/ Taiwan/bike/ Traditional brick villas/ChiChi
Race with ChiChi Line Train
Race with ChiChi Line Train

Chinese: 二水腳踏車步道
Attraction :
1. Smooth biking through quaint countryside
2. Traditional brick villas or quadrangle houses dotted on quiet village
3. Vital water conservation facilities nurturing fertile farmlands
Services for non-Chinese speakers:
Visitor center offers detailed maps of township with names of streets in English, must-see sightseeing and even restaurants (show it at bottom of pages). Highly recommendation is rush to get this useful map once you out of train.
Opening Hour: 9:00am~5:00pm(closed on Mon.)
Phone: +886-4-8798129
Email: admin@erhshui.gov.tw. (This is from administration office of Ershui Township)
Where to get visitor center? When you pass through ticket checking spots and get out train station, turn right immediately and that visible yellow sign smiles to you.
Official site: http://www.erhshui.gov.tw/
Perfect time to visit: spring, autumn and winter
Attention: hat and water

Brief Introduction
What's inside?
What's inside?
Biking Trail, about 2 km long, leads biker to flavor rustic villages, peddle fields, railways, ditches and quaint traditional brick villas, etc. Built along railways, the path surprises bikers with several trains passing by with roars. Paved among peddle fields, the path give opportunities to observe what fruit trees really are like dragon fruits, grapes, mangoes, guavas, or sugar canes. Several traditional brick villas dotted on rustic village pops out with awe from bikers. Welcome to taste quaint rural villages through relaxing biking trail.
Traditional brick villas
irrigation system
irrigation system
The basic structure of traditional villa is one-leveled house settled on northern part with lower houses on both sides, eastern and western part. And on southern side is gate as entrance. Hence, three doors and one gate face the same central square which was utilized to dry products, held banquet or be a playground. Generally, house on the north was for shrine while the west is for older brother and the east is for younger brother. Each villa has its charms. Some was decorated with special shapes on roof while some with delicate carving on windows. Colors of houses are various, impressing viewers with style of simple, cute or elegant.

Water conservation facilities
Quaint Door  Facing the trail
Quaint Door Facing the trail
The environment in Ershui is good for agriculture expected for one drawback—flood in summer but drought in winter. In Cing Dynasty, “How to deal this problem?” Bang-shih Shih(施世榜) asked. “Let us build water conservation facilities” Mr. Lin, an expert of stream replied. This challenging project took them a decade to complete and rewards were joy of harvest and thriving generations. With improvement of constructions, descendants have built stronger cement facilities on original basement. However, without ancestors’ great dedication, there would have not been colorful history and thriving products in Ershui.
Orientation & Getting around:
Cute traditional building
Cute traditional building
Turn right when out of Train Station and go straight for about 100 meters through ground displaying old facilities of trains until intersection. After turning right across train tracks, turn right again on forks. Here you arrive the bike trail.

The best and economic way to travel around Ershui is utilize public transportation. Take train to Taichung or Changhua and make a transfer train to Ershui. Then rent a bike for 100 NTD per day. If you get heavy luggage with you, use luggage service in Train Station and cost you 17 NTD per day. Now ride for adventure!

Where to rent a bike? Out of station, follow the right side of Square and you will see a bike rental in 1 minute.

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