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Lion's Kingkom Museum

Lion's Kingkom Museum
Little Palace
Little Palace
Chinese: 何東堂獅子博物館
Opening Hour: 9:00a.m~6:00p.m (all year)
Adults: NTD180 Per Person (age up to 18)
Senior Citizens: NTD120 Per Person (age up to 60, Senior Citizens, Students, Polices and Soldiers)
Group Visits: NTD160 Per Person (up to 30 people)
Other Group: NTD110 Per Person (up to 30 people)
(Senior Citizens, Students, Polices and Soldiers)

Phone: 886-3-9780782
Email: webservice@leogroup.com.tw
Official Site: http://www.leogroup.com.tw/eindex.html (With English version)
Address: NO 36,Sec 4,Bin Hi RD.,Tauchen.Yi Lan County
1. 6000 art pieces related with lions
2. 2000 pieces of masterpieces about stone lions in different sizes, shapes, ages, colors, country of origins, etc.
3. Small-sized National palace, called little palace
Open to preserve touring service in English by phone or e-mail
Brief introduction
Explore begins....
Explore begins....
Welcome to the finest museum housing lots of masterpieces about LIONs in Greater China. Collections includes 6000 pieces of lion in materials ranging from jade to tooth, wood, bamboo, sliver, clothing, and, mostly, stone. Visitors can appreciate masterpieces dating back to dynasties like Han, Chin, etc. Each lion has its own story and contribution for human like blessing, frightening evils away, gifts, toys, art and even architectural tool. Not only mainland china but also Japan, Korea and even southern Asia were collections from. Even though introduction is mostly written in Chinese, there are friendly tour guide explaining must-see art pieces in English. Make a reservation thought e-mail or a phone call.
serious style
serious style
There are two major exhibition halls named Taishi and Shaosh. In 6000 collections there are nearly 2000 pieces stone-carved lions, mostly housing in Taishi. In Taishi exhibition hall, visitor can get brief introduction from short video and observe the changes of stone-carved lions from dynasty to dynasty, the difference between female lions and male ones, the cultural impact on lions and more from knowledgeable tour guide. In Shaosh, visitors greet with many smaller lions made of various materials including jade, tooth, wood, bamboo, sliver, clothing, etc. Visitor would be stunned at how delicate that lions are and also its purpose like warning alerts to weather changes.
Little Palace
Little Palace displays micorosm of long Chinese history to visitors through collections ranging from delicate jades of Han Dynasty to exquisite porcelain of Chin Dynasty. Masterpieces include, mostly, jades, porcelains, and bronzes. Visitors seem nobles appreciating royal treasures from ancient palace like saint equipment for worshiping, jade belts, golden Buddha sculptures, refined porcelains, etc. Each collection is so priceless and unique to broaden visitor’s horizons. If one loves National Palace, he may find another paradise in Little Palace.
children's toy
children's toy
Car or by feet:
Drive around 127.5 km on Provincial highway No.2 and pay attention to coastal shore part. The museum is combined with Leo(理歐) ocean resort next to Pei Kuan tidal park(北關海潮公園). Although signboards are only written in Chinese, just stop at the biggest and most luxury building around 127.5 km on Provincial highway No.2.
Get off at Daxi(大溪) Station on Yi-lan(宜蘭) Country, and walk along coastal shore for 3 kilometers to destination around 127.5 kilometers in 30 minutes.
Time schedule Search:
So far, NO bus service. Or it is so less buses that visitor shouldn’t waste their time to wait.

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