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Pei Kuan Crab Museum

Pei Kuan Crab Museum
A crab or what in aquarium
A crab or what in aquarium
Chinese: 北關螃蟹博物館
Opening Hour: 9:00a.m~5:00p.m
Tickets: 150 NTD
Phone: +886-3-977-2168
Email: peikuan.resort@msa.hinet.net
Official Site: www.peikuan-resort.com.tw/ (Without English version)
1. Collect 700 species crabs in 10 families, the most abundant collection in this world.
2. Collect the oldest and the longest crab in this world
3. Have you inspired by colorful world of crabs

Open to preserve touring service in English by phone or e-mail

Crab museum:
First Floor: café offering free tea and rest, souvenir stores and restaurant
Second Floor: Learned exhibition of samples with detailed introduction in English
Third Floor: vivid crabs in aquariums
Recreation Farm:
Stream area for playing water and catching clams, creation area for children, BBQ area, orange orchards, easy hiking trails, pavilions for enjoying sun rising sceneries
Why Crab?
Yes, it is a museum housing valuable samples
Yes, it is a museum housing valuable samples
Let’s start from unique geographic features in Taiwan. Emergence of the Japan Current(The Black Tide or the Kuroshio current) and drift of the North Pacific Current brings vast planktons, and then various fishes, shrimps, and ,of course, crabs. Luckily, northeastern seashore of Taiwan just is located on belts of abundant fishery. Especially, there are the most colorful and plentiful habitants of crabs living in from beaches to deep sea in this world. Recently, pollutions have threatened and damaged ecosystem of ocean deeply. If we don’t take action, this treasure will disappear for goods and our generations never understand the wonderful gift from the nature, CRAB! The fishery is so abundant that most of collection was from abandoned fishery (1. Paradise for crab! 2. Want to know why? Find answers from the museum). And they also spend lots of time in northeastern coast searching for valuable and unknown crab. Gradually, it has become the largest crab museum on the earth leading you to world of crab in interesting way.
cute one!
cute one!
Visitors seem to have window shopping in this museum, well not shopping but learning and inspiring from 10 families in 700 species samples or vivid ones. This museum introduces different angles of crabs from evolution to biological features, food, habitants and more. Visitors may meet some crabs skill at camouflage itself, or poison crabs, or scaring ones seeming carving with human face on its back, or cute ones, or strange crabs which cooks feel confused—how to make it soft and cooked? Visitors often surprise how interesting and fascinating crabs are even though they may monk on them before taking a visit. Welcome and awe at this amazing creatures.
One-day tour:
One of numerous samples
One of numerous samples
Price: 1,000 NTD/ each adult and 900 NTD/ each child
9:30~10:30 Crab Museum
10:30~11:30 DIY time—traditional Taiwanese food
11:30~12:30 Lunch time
12:30~13:30 DIY time—Color your own crab
13:30~15:00 DIY time—Color your own T-shit
15:00~     Enjoy facilities in recreation farm and leisure atmosphere
human-faced crab, scaring, right?
human-faced crab, scaring, right?
Car or by feet:
Drive to around 131.5 km on Provincial highway 2 and follow the signs (with English ) to destination
Get off at Guishan(龜山) Station on Yi-lan(宜蘭) Country, follow the signs in English or cute crab directions and walk about 5 kilometers for 20~15 minutes.
Ps. Museum provides transportation service for 50 NTD round trip. Call or e-mail them for further information.
Time schedule Search:
So far, NO bus service. Or it is so less bus that visitor shouldn’t waste their time to wait.
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