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Pearl Milk Tea

Everyone on the street have it!
That is enjoyment!
That is enjoyment!

Everyone has it!

If travelers walk on the streets, they may wonder what the drinks held on passengers’ hands are. It seems some kinds of popular and tasty food worthy to try because people drink it with smiles. The capacity of each drink perhaps has 500c.c, even more. The color of some drink is milk white with some pearl-like dark dots sinking in. What more, there are numerous cute shops selling those drinks which are available for passengers. Why not try one? Then Let sellers tell you stories, about pearl milk tea.
Pearl Milk tea
Pearl  Milk Tea
Pearl Milk Tea
It came from an unexpected test. Milk tea didn’t get popular at first time. A creative person added some ingredients into milk tea, hoping to attract consumers. One of those ingredients is “Bubble”(or “BOBA”). Bubbles are made from powder of sweat potatoes. After boiled in hot water, bubbles sink into syrup for keeping sweat and firm texture. Just mix bubbles and fresh milk tea and here comes Pearl Milk Tea. Sipping smooth tea, smelling light aroma of tea and chewing sweet bubbles at the same time is interesting and novel for foreigners who will surprise how matching they are. It is a wonderful dessert to enjoy especially in chatting with friends and discussing business things. Gradually, Pearl Milk Tea becomes welcome among the public. Bye the way, why we name it such romantic calling? Take a look to picture left, you will find those bubbles are like precious, perfectly round and pretty pearls. Try pearl milk tea and have feelings of happiness as Taiwanese do.
More creation
Taiwanese is well-known for a lot of originality. Of course, they bring talents into full play. Or you can say they have great fun in create different drinks. Consumers can add dark bubbles, white bubbles, big bubbles, small bubbles, Chinese mesona, jelly fig, coffee jelly, coconut, pudding, and so on into tea. There are various kinds of tea available to choose—green tea, black tea, milk tea, oolong tea, Turquoise tea, flower tea and more. Also, different flavors are allowed to make your drinks unique and great, such as fermented milk drink, plum, mint syrup, guava syrup, lavender, and so on. Besides, there are different degrees of sweet and amount of ice and to choose. You can order drinks with your own style at tea shop. Maybe you can create another legend of Pearl Milk Tea! Enjoy the fun of creation!
Part of Taiwanese’s Life
If you want to drink it while strolling on the street, you can choose tea shops and get your own beverage in 10 minutes. And there are several popular chain stores like 50嵐, CHING SHIN(清心福全), EasyWay (休閒小站) and orange tea(橘子工坊). Each shop has its own recommendation and fans. However, if you hope to enjoy this creation in antique atmosphere, you can walk into tea stores such as Spring House(春水堂) and Hanlin Tea (瀚林茶館), pick excellent views, appreciate Chinese’s decoration art and ship the sweet in relax way. More than that, since tea becomes popular nowadays, you may have Pearl Milk Tea in common restaurant. It has become part of Taiwanese’s life and memory.
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