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What's good in Beitou?
It is an accessible cute town with precious gift from the movement of the earth’s crust—hot spring. Bunch of hotels and accommodations lined along green streets welcome and comfort each tired tourist. Geographic magic shows should attend if you can walk. Great museum is worth a visit if you have time. Just jump into MRT and choose a proper site to enjoy smooth sulphurous water, escaping from bustling city and washing out any bad things in Beitou!
Hot Hot Hot Spring!
Smoke arose... ....
Smoke arose... ....
There are three kinds of hot spring spreading in Beitou and Yangmingshan area. One is white sulphur (白磺), another is green sulphur (青磺) and the other is iron sulpur (鐵磺). Because of elements, color of white pulphur is milk white with chaos. Green sulphur is light green transparent liquid and salty irritating smell. It is said that both have magic treatment in skin ailment, sour muscle, arthritic, etc. Whatever, it is definitely wonderful and releasing to soak in smooth hot spring after long-time hiking trip from Yangminshan National Park. Around Park, lots of hotels and accommodation provide service like SPA, message and, of course, hot spring, etc. Or visitor can just soak feet in creek along Zongshang Rd.
After relaxing in hot spring…..
Giant Museum
Giant Museum

Beitou is a lovely green town. Walking from Shin-Beitou MRT station along Zongshan Rd, visitor can feel coolness from alley trees lined in both sides. Besides, several tourism spots are reachable on foot, dotted along Zongshan Rd. Plus, there are sign boards on corners written in Chinese so bright compass with you for your sake.

Di-Re Valley

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Walk down to Zongshan Rd and turn left. Here is one of amazing sceneries in Taiwan—DI RE Valley. From far, one may owe at cloud-liked steam and sulphurous fumes arising from hot-spring reaching up to 90 centigrade degree in wide valley of 3,500 sq meters. Simply strolling in trail seems to step into unknown fairyland in warm mist. However, heat and stinky smell from 青磺 keep people away. So taking good pictures and a glace is fine but don’t linger too long. Not to mention to get closer and cook an egg in hot spring.

Beitou Hot Spring Museum(No. 2 Zongshan Rd; admission free;9:00~17:00;closed Mon; +886-2-2893-9981)

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In Japan colonization, precious hot spring in Beitou discovered and led to bathing rooms built in style mixed Japanese with Western one. A representative example probably will be Beitou Hot Spring Museum. After changing indoor shoes, visitor step in wooden floor of Japan style lined with series of introduction such as history of Beitou, equipment built for bathing, etc. Upstairs set wide tatami rooms for entertainment after bath and verandas for broaden view of picturesque rustic town. Follow the direction and go down to the first floor. Sunshine fell through painted glasses on windows, making roman-styled public bathing room colorful. No relaxing baths any more but imagination is allowed. To make museum more joyful, groups(more 20 persons) can preserve guidance a week early.
Useful hot spring tips
Beitou Temple
Beitou Temple
Prepare followings and give you a comfortable hot spring tour.
1. Showing cap helping your hair keep warm and dry during bathing
2. Swimming suit is necessary for most public hot spring
3. Shampoo and soap letting you clean your body after bathing
4. Water or sportdrink add water you lost when bathing

People with hypertension or heart disease should soak into hot spring gradually.
After meals, one shouldn’t take hot spring bath until 30 to 60 minutes later.
One shouldn’t enjoy hot spring while one is in drunken, hunger, or sleepy.
Go with your friends.
Pick a place with great ventilation.
Clean your body and warm up before stepping into hot spring.
General speaking, 30 minutes is long enough to gain benefits from taking hot spring. Over 30 minutes, the longer you soak, worse to your health.
Beitou's outdoor public bath
Beitou's outdoor public bath

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