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Donghe Farm

Donghe Farm
Features: Picking Fruits, Camping activities, Primeval rainforest, River Tracing, Sunrise
Adress: No.67, Neighborhood 45, Beiyuan Village, Donghe Township, Taitung County
Altitude: rise from 1,800 to 2,580 meters above sea level
Area: around 615 hectares
Climate: cool summer and nice winter
Facilities: Hiking Trails, Forest Bath Trail, Fruit Nursing Garden, Orchid Nursing Garden, Restaurant, Accommodation, Silkworm Nursing Room, Traditional Chinese Medicine Garden, Camping Ground, etc
Opening Hour: 08:00~22:30
Tel: +886-89-891-193

Have Fun of Picking Fruits
Thanks to fertile land, nice climate and unique location, farmers in Donghe Farm have a bumper harvest of fruits years after years. During March to April, lots of sweat Valencia and crispy plums are available to taste. Pink peaches like shy lady attract visitors with light fragrance in May. From August to February next year, different species of juicy pomelo gradually ripe welcome visitors to pick to fulfillment. If one love tasting custard-apples, just drive down Donghe Bridge and buy some from venders lined on streets. Come to Donghe Farm and experience benefits of “Fruit Kingdom.”

Bath yourself in Tropical rainforest
Suddenly, fog surround hills
Suddenly, fog surround hills
It is proud of Donghe Farm. Without careful preservation and protection, there couldn’t be rich and special flora and fauna in Donghe Farm. Yes, it is a rare primeval tropical rainforest, a home of Taiwan rock monkeys, various ferns, towering camphor, epiphyte, giant banyan and more. And Forest Bath Trail makes precious forests accessible. Along the trail, sky-reaching trees block hot sunshine, release negative ions, and comfort each hiker. Hikers can enjoy and learn from the wonder of primeval forest in 2 hours.

Joy of playing in crystal water
precious followers
precious followers
Camping ground is located at sides of Mawukubei creek(馬武窟北溪). The creek is so clear that numerous shrimps and fish live happily. It is exciting to have camping activities, catch shrimps, roast meat and fishes, play water battles with friends or even have river tracing! Plus, eastern side of camping ground is a steep cliff and a fabulous spot to appreciate magnificent the Pacific Ocean sparkling in sunrise.
Entrance & Welcome
Entrance & Welcome
By Car:
1. Provincial Hwy 11 → Provincial Hwy 23 Donghe Farm
2. Provincial Hwy 9 → Provincial Hwy 23Donghe Farm
By Train & Bus:
Take a train to Taitung Railway Station and then transfer Dingdong Bus (Taitung - Donghe Line). There are two runs in one day, taking around two and half hours to arrive. One starts at 10:35 and the other starts at 16:05.
(Dingdong bus: http://diingdong.myweb.hinet.net/)

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1. Wealth in mountainous area will change a lot so visitors should prepare coats and enough clothes preventing coolness.
2. At night, it is the best time to observe shinning stars and listen to lovely song performed by frogs, birds and worms. But don’t forget to bring flashlight ahead of trip.
3. Please wear clothing in light colors and don’t use perfume. Prepare ointment or mosquito repellent to block attack from mosquito and other worms.
4. Please be sure to fill the tune before enter mountainous area since gas station is far from Donghe Farm
5. Cell phone is well connected only through CHT and FET.
6. Because collapses do easily happen after huge rainfalls, visitors should check conditions of traffic before one’s trip.

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