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Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area

Aowanda... ...
Brightly Red Maple
Brightly Red Maple
I don’t know why God placed me here
But I think He picked the perfect spot .
Here now for a century , not just anywhere
But here ! This is my chosen lot .

I’ve shaded this quiet country home .
Watched this family passing by .
Watched children grow and leave to roam .
Felt my leaves blow off and die.

Heard children’s laughter fill the air
Swinging on a swing in my branches there.
Watched her brush her auburn hair
Underneath my branches there .

Sunday picnic beneath my summer shade .
Watched a loving family have fun and play
Watched her auburn hair begin to fade
As time gently coaxes her hair to gray .

Seasons come and seasons go .
Horse and wagons pass to and fro.
God continues to let me grow
In this favorite spot I know .

Years pass by , the road is paved .
Cars and truck go swishing by.
Times are changing , nothings saved .
Every one rushing, on the fly.

I think I know why God placed me here
A loving shelter from life’s storms
Help protect a wonderful family from all fear
With shade and cover from devil’s swarms .

That is a poem written by Larry D Matthews. It describes one of beautiful trees on earth—Maple Tree. Romantically read “The Maple tree” under fire-like maple forests in Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area.

Brief Introduction
Maple Suspension Bridge
Maple Suspension Bridge
Located on central part of Taiwan, Aowanda enjoys mild climate with annual temperature of…. And the highest of Aowand ranges from 1100 to 2600 meters with in total. Since several rivers connect in Awanda, gradually, river terrenes, waterfalls, and various landscapes form, consisting of Aowanda National Recreation Area nowadays. According to unique spots in Aowanda, several trail and relevant constructions have been built such as Maple tree trail for appreciating wonderful maple forest, Maple Suspension Bridge for observing gray river and primeval maple forest, Cherry Blossom Garden to enjoy pretty pink cherry blossom, Strongmen Slope for challenging hikers, Ecology Classroom and Forest Classroom for introducing special creatures in forest, and bird-watching trail, bird-watching platform and JoAnn’s Beach for birds-lovers. All travelers have to do is relax themselves and have their time to explore magic beauty in Aowanda.

Wonderful trails changing colors with seasons!
Towering Tree
Towering Tree
Maple trees are one of interesting trees in the world. They seem spokesmen Of four seasons. In spring, light green foliages decorate branches. In summer, deep green maple leaves grow, making forest vivid and fresh. During autumn and winter, suddenly maple forests turn into romantic brightly red world. Soft wind blow, piece of red maple foliages fall like dancers and fairy sceneries move numerous visitors.  Where is the best tourist spot to appreciate the beauty of maple forest in Taiwan? That is definitely beautiful Maple Tree Trail in Aowanda, consisting of various kinds of maple. Besides, pine trees in Forest Park are worth to visit. Each tree has different unique shape. Stroll at Forest Trail, appreciate winding pine tree in low peace and listen to bird symphony. What a wonderful walk should one take!

World-class bird-watching spot
Winding River
Winding River
Aowanda is rich in biological resources, especially in birds. There are 120 species of bird at Aowanda, including the oft-sighted vivid niltava, yellow-throated minivet, Formosan blue magpie and green-backed tit. Aowanda provides great opportunities to understand Taiwan's avian world. It is so attractive that a couple has been to Aowanda for hundred times to watch precious birds. To reward such spirits, a branch named JoAnn’s Branch was set. Proper time to watch birds is November to June next year. Not only birds but also butterflies and fireflies are rich in Aowanda. The environment is so clean that fireflies and butterflies naturally grow. Time to appreciate dancing butterflies is March to October, while fireflies is April to June. Grape right chance, and take your telescope to discover the variety of Aowanda!

Useful Info
Maple in Summer
Maple in Summer
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