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East Raft Valley National Scenic Area

A Land of Sweat Milk and Rice
East Rift Valley_Home to Rice
East Rift Valley_Home to Rice
Bike leisurely through the sea of flowers: layers of bright yellow one is rapeseed flowers matching with deep green continuous mountains on both sides.
Stroll around the side of lake with winds kissing your face, appreciating the hills, the blue sky, the white clouds, and the boats all reflecting on that magic mirror.
Dance with aboriginal tribes happily, cheers loudly like child again, and learn the wisdom of indigenous culture.
Soak yourself in hot spring hiding in the mountains, relaxing in the nature as well as improving your health.
Fly in the sky like free bird, enjoying the stunning beauty of “East Raft Valley National Scenic Area.”
And there are more…. ….

East Raft Valley National Scenic Area
East Rift Valley_Housing of Aboriginal tribes
East Rift Valley_Housing of Aboriginal tribes
Protected by the Central Mountain Rages on western part and Costal Mountain Rages on eastern part, “East Raft Valley National Scenic Area” is long and fertile land stretching from Migru River in Hualien to the north to Taitung City to the south. Because of collision of two plates, Series of steep hills on both side are formed and increase in altitude each year. There are three rivers originating from steep hills spread on the land, waving around each other, intersecting and blending, creating closely-knit network of waterways ,which nourish fabulous agriculture, and magnificent landforms such as canyons, alluvial plains, waterfalls, hot springs, meanders, river terraces, faults, badlands, lakes, etc. Thanks to protection from giant mountain ranges and location on the tropics, “East Raft Valley National Scenic Area”
is in warm climate in four seasons. Such blessed land, of course, becomes a paradise for numerous species in flora and fauna. It is like a wonderful natural museum worth to visiting and preserving. Living in beautiful countryside, contentment-filled inhabitants are so warmly hospital in their rustic way that reminds you the fantastic part in human nature. Why not pack your baggage right now and give yourself an opportunity to answer the call from the nature and be moved to tears again?  In “East Raft Valley National Scenic Area,” find the heart you have lost… …

Festivals And… …. More!
East Rift Valley_Spectcular View!
East Rift Valley_Spectcular View!
During December to February in next year, aces of yellow rapeseed flowers are planted and wave lightly in the wind. As the rapeseed flowers blossom, they cultivate the land and benefit growing of superior crops. This pretty flower is not only the most economic and organic fertilizer but also an excellent decorator in your photograph. It is spectacular scenery—wide ranges of bright yellow flowers with continuous green hills as background. Standing with flowers surrounding you, everyone will smile happily!

In March, it is pomelo tree that blossom. Take a walk through the countryside of the Yusi district in Hualien and Reisuei township in Hualien, enjoy the elegance white pomelo flowers dotted on green leaves, and smell the unique light fragrance holding your lover’s hand.

Summer is a matching season for fireflies, meaning a romantic scene at night! Also, it is a harvest season to Arrow Bamboo Shoots. Arrow Bamboo Shoots are nutritious products containing a high amount of water, protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. It is must-try healthy food in summertime! Moreover, Harvest Festival, notable ceremony of indigenous tribes—Amis, will held in summer. They express their thanks to ancestors and god to enjoy abundant harvest of crops. And through festival, they pray for wonderful weather, abundant harvest in next year and blessing to whole tribe. It is a happy festival that welcomes friends to dance joyfully in circle, drink the sweet wine of millets, enjoy tasty tribes’ cuisine, chat happily with friends and understand the beauty of indigenous culture.

In August, Sixty-Stone Mountain in Fuli Township of Hualien Country and Cihke Mountain in Yuli Township of Hualien Country will be covered with the sea of golden daylilies. It is pleasant to enjoy spreading orange color mixed with green while crystal-blue sky as background. You cannot help but open your arm and smile to such pretty scene. Besides, daylily is also a great ingredient for local cuisine which you shouldn’t pass.

However, no matter which season you visit “East Raft Valley National Scenic Area,” rustic-charmed countryside with waves of rice, tasty pineapple and custard apple (Buddha fruit), magnificent mountains decorated with soft clouds, and hospital inhabitants will always agree you.

Having Fun!
East Rift Valley_Fly into the sky!
East Rift Valley_Fly into the sky!
Have you fly in the sky? Cannot control your impulsion to try? Then you must go to Luye Gaotai area in Taitung and have fun in paragliding activities! Jump into the sky, you can enjoy the stunning rural scenes, river shining under sunshine embellishment, and far-flung mountains like eagles fly!

~~Rafting activities~~
Because the Siouguluan River cut through The Costal Mountain Ranges forming numerous torrents and rapids, it creates an excellent opportunity to enjoy the exciting rafting experience. But if you prefer to more peaceful activities, give raft of bamboo a try. Four persons cooperate to raft through a picturequest lake. What a wonderful relaxation it is!

Guanshan Township consists of fantastic natural environment and cultural landscape. Hence, the Guanshan Town Encircling Bicycle Path was built to offer visitor a chance to enjoy the gifts from God. Besides, you can rent a bike and begin a biking trip to experience the charm of the Scenic Area.

~~Hot Spring Time~~
The quality of hot spring in Scenic Area is famous for its greatness and cleaner. There are numerous facilities built in the nature to give visitors high-classed enjoyment. Bathing in front of series hills, you are able to eliminate fatigue accumulating from work, improve your metabolism and truly relax yourself without worries.

Useful information and Helpful Suggestion
East Rift Valley_Excitingh Rafting
East Rift Valley_Excitingh Rafting
Summer is the hottest season for tourism. Book the hotel first before you depart for the journey. Rent a car or motorcycle as your traffic. Remember not to expose to sunshine without protection; caps, UV-block umbrella or sunblock will be fine.
Train: http://railway.hinet.net/net_eng.htm  (Taiwan Railway Administration)
http://www.hulairport.gov.tw/e_content/about/about01.aspx (Hualien Airport)

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