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Sun Moon Lake

Pearl of central Taiwan
Lake & Mountains & peace
Lake & Mountains & peace
Sun Moon Lake

She is the pearl of centre of Taiwan, sweet home to Thao tribe, a natural wonder worth discovering and an inner peace for numerous people who visited her. She is Sun Moon Lake.

Sun Moon Lake is the largest natural lake in Taiwan. It is separated by an island called Lula. The eastern part is looked like a round sun while the western part is shaped like a crescent moon-hence the name “Sun Moon Lake”.
Beauty of the Nature
Path Built around the lake
Path Built around the lake

Located in centre of Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake is a comfortable place in each season. Temperature is ranged from 25℃ in summer to 15℃ in winter which proved is the best degree to human. Even rain in here is so soft and tender that makes you take it as romantic scene. She is blessed not only in weather but also environment.  Surrounded by mountains that echo farther and farther away, Sun Moon Lake is like   a pretty woman embraced by strong and handsome man. With nearly three sq. miles area and 27 meters depth, she is a natural mirror reflecting countless peaks, clearly blue sky, soft white cloud, and flatted boats. You couldn’t help but wonder whether there is another secret and beautiful world in this lake. At anytime from sunrise, sunset, rainy day, cloudy day, to foggy day, you will feel like you become a drop of ink and wash painting from a great master.
Beauty of People
Sheishe Wharf
Sheishe Wharf
Aboriginal tribe—Thao tribe
Long time ago, A deer led Thao tribes’ ancestors to the side of Sun Moon Lake and told them “This place is your promised land. Please don't leave, because generation will come.” They built house made from bamboo and wood, developed excellent fishery skills and have their son, grandson, grand-grand-son and generations. The Thao tribe believes their gods live in Autumn maple tree on Lula island and bless them forever. Each family worships their own holy baskets named ulalaluwa where they keep ancestor’s clothes and the spirit of ancestors exit. Ulalaluwa plays a vital role in important ceremonies, main religion, witchcrafts and believes. The most notable features of the Thao tribe are their handcraft and “lake pestle song” which fuses the sound of pestle and dance with strong tempo.
Beauty of jurney
Good morning! Chaowu Wharf
Good morning! Chaowu Wharf
*For people loving hiking, there are fourteen trails you can choose. To close the beauty of lake, you can try Hanbi Hiking trail and Dajhuhu Hiking Trail. If you want to enjoy scenes of tea farm and learn the culture of tea, Mt. Maolan Hiking Trail is your best choice. More information on http://www.sunmoonlake.gov.tw/EN/02000474.aspx

*For people love bikes, three are three biking trails. Biking Trail and Yuetan Bike Trail was built surrounded the lake while Toushe Bike Path is more challenging for brave bikers.

*Yachting Journey gives you a chance to feel this lovely lake closer. Four wharves provide yachting services, that is Shueshe Wharf, Chaowu Wharf, and Rihyue Viilage Wharf and Syuanguang Temple Wharf.

*fishing is allowed in the lake. Even though you cannot just throw your knives into water and catch a lot of fish as the Thao tribe did many years ago, you still can catch “president fish”(Culter erythropterus Basilewsky), carp fish, Chinese catfish and other fresh water fish if you take some time and do serious fishing.

Traffic Guidance
Hanbi Hiking Trail
Hanbi Hiking Trail
No trains go to Sun Moon Lake. You can drive your own car, or take a bus, or a combination of train and bus. Some direct busses are available from Taichung or Taipei. Often it is more convenient to take a bus from Taichung to Puli, then transfer busses for the half hour ride to Sun Moon Lake.
Bus From Taipei
1. Green Transit Bus (Feng Jung Bus)   Running daily from Taipei MRT Jungxiao--Fuxing Station (Taipei East Area, near SOGO department store, no 274, Fuxing east rd, ) and Sun Moon Lake. For timetable and other details, please contact + 886 2 27522988 (Taipei), or + 886 49 2990407 (Puli)
2. GuoGuang Bus (國光客運, formerly TaiChi Bus)   Four buses run daily from Taipei West Station (near Taipei Train Station) to Sun Moon Lake. +866 2 23119893 (Taipei), or + 886 49 2990407 (Puli)
Bus From Taichung
 Nan-Tou Bus (南投客運) Running daily from Taichung Kan-Cheng Station (干城站) at Shuangshi Road (雙十路, near the railway station), High Speed Rail Taichung Station, Puli to Sun Moon Lake for NT$200 one way. For timetable and other details, please contact +886 49 2984031 (Puli)
Renyou Bus (仁友客運) has less frequent departures from Liouchuan East Road (柳川東路) near the railway station for NT$200 one-way and NT$350 for a return ticket.
GuoGuang busses from Taipei stop over in Chaoma station in Taichung.
Departing from Sun Moon Lake
There is a company with hourly bus service that stops directly at the Taichung high speed rail station - great if you're in a hurry to get back to Taipei. Tickets for this and most other busses are sold at the Sun Moon Lake Visitor's Center in Yuchich.
The last bus to Puli departs at 7:30pm, from where you can transit to a bus to Taichung.
Those in a hurry can also take a taxi from either Sun Moon Lake or Puli to Taizhong. Cost is around NT$1500 from Puli or NT$2000 from Sun Moon Lake.

Above information reference form Travelwiki
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