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Sansiantai Recreation Area

Eight-arch bridge
Eight-arch bridge
Sansiantai Recreation Area is located three kilometers northeast of Chenggong. It consists of a rocky islets, coral reefs, and outcrops, and is the single most popular tourist destination on the East Coast. The island consists of three large stone formations that are likened to three of the Eight immortals of Chinese mythology, who are said to have visited the area at one time.
Around Sansiantai
 The beach
The beach
* Terrain
Sansiantai was originally a promontory connected with the shore, but sea erosion gradually wore the connecting neck away to produce the island we see today.

* Plants
The plant life of the area is characterized by resistance to salt and drought. It has thick, fat leaves with downy surface.

* Birds
Sansiantai Island is the breeding and perching environment it offers for marine bird species. Various swallow species can often be seen.

* Coral
The Japan Current effects the waters around Sansiantal, nourishing an abundance of coral that, presents the most beautiful undersea scenery on the entire East Coast.

* Eight-arch Bridge
The unique eight-arch bridge connecting Sansiantai Island with the shore was completed in 1987. It is 320 meters long and has 320steps.

* Bike path
The bicycle path reaches from the car parking lot at Sansiantai to Jihuei bay.

* The visitor center
The visitor center features an exhibition room that provides on introduction to Sansiantai. Visitors can relax here and learn more about the island’s unique characteristic.

Visitor Notice
Sansiantai Island is designated by the government as a nature reserve, PLEASE treasure and protect the resources here, which are rare anywhere else. Visitors are recommended to take at least 2 hours for a relaxed walk around the area.
Other notice
Around the island
Around the island
Open house: 08:30 ~ 17:00
Contact number: 089-854097
Emergency rescue center: 089-851033
Travelers note
Native Lily
Native Lily
Sansiantai Island is a beautiful place that one must visit at least once in a lifetime. Water, sunscreen, hat are essential, ignore stranger who are selling matters around.

Reminder : the entire Sansiantai is a nature reserve, it is illegal to take away the stones and the plants here.
25 Sinchun Rd, Sinyi Borough, Chenggong Town, Taitung County
On highway 11.
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